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Livejournal is being a little bitch and saying that they'll erase my account in two weeks if I don't post anything so.,.. Here I am!

I'm alive, but staff bout my live now should wait until next time I get time to post here =)

Bye bye chuuu     
by Jisatsu, Ryo

Locked ^^

I really hope this won't make my journal fail again T__T
Welcome to my LiveJournal! Here you can find all kind and levels of flailing, nonsense and randomness, all in the same place! If you arrived here loking for my fanfics, there are in my shiny comm "Puke the Rainbows"

By the way, I'm really friendly, and I love making new friends! So if you think we have something in common, don't hesitate to add me, I won't bite your head off!! but post a comment here before, ne? It's kinda disgusting when you don't know who has added you and why xDDD


Bienvenidos a mi LiveJournal! Aquí podéis encontrar todo tipo y nivel de locuras, cosas completamente random y sin ningún tipo de sentido, entre otras muchas más. Si llegaste aquí buscando mis fics, están, en su mayoría, en mi nueva y flamante comunidad
"Puke the Rainbows"

De todas maneras, soy bastante sociable, y me encanta hacer amigos nuevos, así que si piensas que tenemos cualquier cosita en común, agrégame! Pero echa una firmita o algo aquí antes, es algo desagradable que te agregue gente que no sabes ni quién es y luego no san señales de vida xD.

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Guys, sorry so much for the extremely long hiatus.

Life was hell, literally.

Buuuut, the first and most incredible thing that I need to share with you today is:


Today I did my last assignment, a public dissertation about my end of degree project "Schizophrenia and Creativity" and, well, it was great. And they gave me freaking 10 out of 10 points. Fuck, the same mark I got for my seven-month internship, by the way. Jujujujujujuju. The professors congratulated me for me work and praised it a lot, saying that it will be an amazing beginning for my end of master project.

Master? What master?

Oh yeah, sorry, forgot xD


Not in London, way to expensive for me xD, but in Barcelona. I'll make an specialization in Mental Health Care in a kick-ass university with the collaboration of one of the best hospitals in Barcelona related to Mental Health illnesses.

Soooo fucking amazing.

I'll move in November ^^ Kinda sad for moving away from my family and friends but... yeah, it'll be so amazingly great. It's totally worth it. ^^

Also, I got my Japanese Marks... 78 out of 80 points in my written test *.*

This year was hell, but totally worth it.

Now, Hiatus is over ^^

What did I miss? xDDDD

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Merry X-mas, darlings!!!

Hope you have a magical night, and a better day tomorrow.

I'm really thankful for being able to talk with such wonderful ladies ♥



Girls!!! I need a little help here =)

I saw a coupe of things in E-bay that interest me...but I've never bought through it... Is it safe? how it goes??? Have you ever used it???



Chicas! Una ayudita =)

He visto un par de cosas en E-bay que me han gustado bastante... pero nunca lo he utilizado. ¿Sabéis como va? ¿Si es seguro y tal? ¿Lo habéis usado alguna vez?

Ayuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuda!!! =)


If there is one person or more on your friends list who makes your world a better place just because they exist and who you would not have met (in real life or not) without the internet, then post this same sentence in your journal.

Hell yeah!!!!

Title: No medication can cure the lust
Pairing: Insinuated Ryo/Jin, Pin friendship
Rating: PG
Summary: Jin's upset Ryo enjoys certain... sides of him

Warning: Ryo's usual bulling?  Pouting and sulking Bakanishi, too
Yeah, all mine, I have them tied at my bed. Can't u see them?  *snorts*
Notes: Thanks to my girl elanielyn  for giving me the prompt and beta-ing this =) I've spent more than half a year without writing anything so.... sorry if that's too lame.


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Thanks for reading =)